Fonatur is planning two new resort destinations

By Barnard R. Thompson

Fonatur (National Trust Fund for Tourism Development), Mexico’s government-funded tourism development agency, for the first time in nearly 20 years will launch two new major resort development projects before the year is out. 

Neighbors speak out against Pablo [Paul] Southworth. For the second time citizens of Sayulita unite and petition authorities to have these undesireable foreigners deported. Mexican authorities have received a second letter with signatures from the citizens of Sayulita complaining of the actions of Pablo [Paul] and Patricia [Patty] Southworth.

La Vida Cheapo

For 600 bucks a month, retirees in Mexico can live in a three-bedroom home, with a gardener. For a cool thousand...well, you won’t believe it.  By Barry Golson, AARP

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