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Groceries, If you want to cook at home in Lo de Marcos, basic staples are available in the village. There are a number of small grocery stores in town, some offering better produce than others. It is worth a stroll through town to see what is fresh that day. A few of Lo de Marcos grocery stores with great choices are across from the plaza. For fresh fish, try buying straight from the fishermen on the beach as they come in with their fresh catch of the day.

Shopping, with numerous shops, galleries, beach vendors, and local artisans, Lo de Marcos offers an abundance of great shopping to locals and visitors alike. A stroll up and down the village's streets will deliver a quaint and satisfying shopping experience for furnishings, artwork, souvenirs, gifts, etc.
Most shoppers claim a trip to Puerto Vallarta does not warrant leaving Lo de Marcos as the prices are roughly equivalent and the selection does not increase by much


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